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40 Ton Capacity Eot Crane in India

We are an accredited company that manufactures and supply a wide range of EOT Cranes, 40 Ton Capacity EOT Crane, Goods Lift, and JIB Cranes. Electric Hoist, Fixed Mounted Hoist, Hoist With Trolley, Extended Trolley, Crab and Twin Hoists on Monorail Trolley are all part of our product line.

In addition, we provide our valued customers with Micro Speed Attachment, Hoist on Flexible Trolley, Underslung Type EOT Cranes, Double Girder Crane, Single Girder Crane, Single Girder Crane With Twin Drive, and many other products.

40 ton capacity EOT Crane can be available with two types.

  • 1. Double girder type
  • 2. Single girder type

40-Ton Capacity Double Girder Eot Crane

40 Ton Eot Crane Specifications

Brand Modheshwari Crane
Maximum Lifting Capacity 40 ton
Girder Type Double
Travel Speed 10-15 m/min
Span >40 m
Power Source Electric
Max Height 60-80 feet, 80-100 feet, >100 feet
Product Type Double Girder
Country of Origin Made in India

With numerous additional features, such as

  • Double Trolley [ Twin trolley ]
  • Double Hook / Twin Hook
  • Dual Speed / Multi Speed
  • Cabin Operated with Master Controls
  • Floor operated through Pendant Push Buttons
  • VFD Driven mechanism

Modheshwari Engineering & Fabricators is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Double Girder EOT Cranes and Single Girder EOT Cranes in India, with a production and repair plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We also provide service in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, and Jaipur.

Explore More Products

Single Girder Eot Crane

Modheshwari manufacture Single Girder cranes are built in modular sections and use standard wire rope hoists. Compact and light-weight design ensures less building space, optimal floor space utilisation, and lower building loads. As one of the material handling systems, the EOT crane is a dependable and safe option for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our custom single girder eot cranes are ideal for lifting requirements as light as 250kg or 20T and spans up to 40 metres. Furthermore, we design and manufacture our cranes with adequate safety guidelines in mind, and our products can be customised to meet the needs of both new and existing buildings. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to set up an appointment with one of our consultants!

Lifting Speed: 12.5 m/min

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 5 Ton

Double Girder Eot Crane

Modheshwari crane is a well-known Double Girder EOT Crane manufacturer in India, allowing you to handle awkward loads safely and precisely. It can be adapted to planned or existing buildings using special installation options. We offer additional options to increase safety and productivity as a leading manufacturer of Double girder overhead cranes.

To name a few, double girder EOT cranes are used in power plants, workshop duty, transformer industry, cable industry, process plants, steel plants, coal fields, cement plants, and engineering industry. Double Girder cranes have an underbridge light to give the appearance of working at night. Double Girder eot cranes can be used from 1 to 500 tonnes depending on the application.

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 40-40 ton

Travel Speed: 10-20 m/min

Span: 20-40 m

Overhead Eot Crane

Modheshwari provides highquality Double Girder Overhead EOT Cranes with a load capacity of up to 250 MT. These Double Girder EOT Cranes are in high demand in heavyweight industries such as shipyards, metal mills, construction sites, and so on.

EOT (Electrical Overhead Traveling Cranes) are commonly used in factory or industrial applications such as paper mills and automotive repair shops, among others. They are the most common type of overhead crane and are also extremely useful.

Capacity: 1 Ton to 40 ton

Max. Lifting Height: >100 feet

Span: 1 to 40 Mtr

Double Girder Heavy Duty Cranes

Extremely robust The double girder EOT Cranes are built to last and can be used for a wide range of hoisting capacities and applications. For steel, metal, and other industries that require heavy service, our cranes combine high speed and high hook.

We offer a large selection of high-quality Double Girder Heavy Duty Crane that are widely used for material handling in a variety of industries. We are one of the most reputable Girder Overhead Eot Cranes Suppliers in India.

High Efficiency: Designed for high speed operation to ensure increased productivity and minimizing loses and increase efficiency.

Travel Speed: 20-25 m/min

Double Beam EOT Crane

A high-quality line of Double Beam EOT Cranes are produced and supplied by Modheshwari. These cranes are used to move cargo quickly in all directions, including up, down, right, and left.

These devices are well-known for having attributes like great performance and excellent quality. The given machines are made from premium quality basic raw materials that are purchased from our reliable industry suppliers.

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 5-10 ton

Travel Speed:0-5 m/min

Span:20-40 m

Load Capacity(Tons): 1 TON TO 50 TON

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