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Double Girder Heavy Duty Crane

As being major manufacturer and exporter of the high-tech and well equipped cranes, we provide double girder heavy duty crane for the heavy duty operations. Various goods handling need of heavy duty can be simply manage with our double girder heavy duty crane. It offers reliable service with longer service life.

Main machinery and all contact parts are fabricated as per international norms and conditions. It is manufactured as per IS-3177. Its structural steel parts are designed accordingIs-226. It is available with positive splash lubrication.

What is Double Girder Heavy Duty Crane

It is easily move on antifriction ball bearings. Hoists are fabricated as per IS-3938. It is provided with specially designed motor that is made as per IS-325. Trolleys are provided suitable brake system that is simply help in starting, reversing and braking. It is also provided with AC/DC brakes.

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