Heavy Duty Double Beams EOT Crane

Manufacturer Of Heavy Duty Double Beamst Cranes

As the name suggests, our heavy duty double beamst cranes, E.O.T, Heavy Duty Goliath Cranes are provided for heavy duty functions. It contains heavy duty double beams for the robust support. Our E.O.T. cranes are easy to install and easy to maintain cranes. We also provide perfect solution of good handling for your available working place.

Considering application area and other essential factors, we made our cranes from finest grade of material. We follow international norms and conditions for the production of cranes. We follow IS-2266 for the fabrication of the heavy duty forged hooks. It is also provided with efficient motor and brake system. Brake system offer with suitable starting, reversing and braking.

It is used in many industries. It is used in industries like paper and pulp, foundries, textiles, plastic, construction, dairy and several engineering purposes. It is efficiently used in many production lines for varied functions.

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